Q. I see other fly-in subdivisions around. Why should I buy here?
A. Ask Jeff                          for a list of 100% satisfied lot owners and custom built home clients. Look at the unique blend of relaxed country style and close-in commuting to the city or international airport for work or travel. Check the price per acre of all established fly ins with a proven history of positive resale. Everyone who comes to see us doesn't have the means to buy right then, but they all say it's the nicest they have ever seen.
Q. Do you build homes for lot buyers?
A. Yes. We build, custom clear lots, selectively mulch wooded areas, and install irrigation lines fed by community water source. 
Q. Do you finance?
A. If you are able to put enough in to prove you have a vested interest, and have decent credit, yes.

Q. Are there any fees involved?
A. Airpark lot owners dues for swimming pool, tennis courts/clubhouse, mowing, upkeep are $900 per year. At the present, the dues mainly go towards liability insurance. As lot owners continue to build here, more benefits are possible with more funds to work with.  Runway maintenance assesment was $230 last year, and is less than hiring someone to cut your lawn a few times.

Q. Why should I buy during a recession?
A. Great question. But, compared to all other investments, you are going to be in the least volatile, most useful investment possible. Your decision should ultimately be based on the fact that you want a great home in a perfect blend of town and country, with everything you need. Most everyone that ended up selling has made good profits. Inflation makes your money get weaker over time, buying property guarantees you will still have all your value during the expected inflation to come. This is one place your money can't disappear, since the infrastructure is yours and the runway is not owned by some shaky business or government. The ONLY downside is that you can't sell it at the click of a button, like your 401K.
Q. Who owns the runway? 
A. All owners of airpark lots are members in a POA that owns the runway. The Southside members have 3 shares each and the more numerous Northsiders have 1 share each, making it basically 50/50 ownership with each electing 2 members to the board and Jeff Lyons as the fifth member of the board.