Debunking Airpark Myths

I can't afford to live in an airpark community, airparks are for the rich.

Mortgage Rates, payments and construction costs are at historical lows. Lyons Landing was started by a commuter pilot who thought he could never own an airplane or live next to a runway. His good friend convinced him he could, and gave him some ideas on how to go about it. He learned to build houses and hangars and how to get properties financed. Since then he has helped old friends and new friends realize their dream. Maybe he could help you get what want. If you are paying hangar rent at a metropolitan airport now, that money could easily be a third or fourth of a mortgage payment, not to mention the expense and time of driving to the airport and ATC delays.
Lyons Landing is also offering an exciting new 'prime rate' financing option, which would make payments ridiculously low now, and never get any higher % than the actual prime rate! This incentive makes owning the airpark home you want more affordable than ever, plus the time is so right for getting builders and contractors to make whatever you can dream up into a reality.

I would love to own an airplane but don't feel like I could afford it.

Recently four Lyons Landing residents went in together and bought a light twin for less than 10k a piece. Three also own a J3 Cub together and many others have partnerships. Some have built their own planes and others have picked up some good bargains for less than the price of a new compact car. Neighborhood mechanics, great collective knowledge, tools, and assistance can keep you flying safely for much less than the flying magazines figure in their articles about ownership.

I would love to live on an airpark but my wife would never go for it.

The women at Lyons Landing say they love living there. There are hangar parties, cookouts, camp fires, family time at the pool, tennis and lots of neighbor interaction. Many families take day or weekend trips to Jekyll Island, Callaway Gardens and lots of other places that would not be possible in a day or weekend by any other means. Even a flight to some airport restaurants can be done in an afternoon. Having the airplane in the back yard means less time away from the family and more time for flying. How many other communities are there where at least one family member, (if not all) in each home share a common passion?

Airpark living sounds good for retirement, but when the kids are growing up we need to live in a more conventional neighborhood.

Lyons Landing has children of all ages who fish, takes walks, fly kites and RCs, go for golf cart and airplane rides and probably spend more time outside than in most communities where the houses are crammed in together. For families, Lyons Landing is like many other neighborhoods, but with a uniqueness that makes it very special. How much is it worth to have your kids roam the neighborhood safely, these days?

Airparks are too far out or located in rural areas.

Some airparks are pretty far away from everything, that much is true. But Lyons Landing is at the ideal point of being near enough the big city for a quick commute, but far enough away to assure the good points of country living, such as low crime, peaceful settings, and some room to breathe between houses. Plus, the suburban shopping areas are booming quite near Lyons Landing, making it easy to get whatever you need in a few minutes drive. Airline pilots that fly or commute from Atlanta International airport love this location for the easy, backroad commute that avoids the rush hour traffic that city dwellers have to endure daily.

Most residents would say that living at Lyons Landing is a dream come true. It is like being on Vacation year round. Don't take our word for it, come see Lyons Landing and meet the neighbors.

(debunking airpark myths)