Situated on the beautiful, low traffic road leading to the Lyons Landing airport lots, we are now offering non airpark lots with all the amenities except taxiway access to the runway. 
The lots are large, scenic, spaced in a very low density pattern for an unequaled "country near the city" environment. Easy drives to all the new shopping and to Atlanta.
Large clubhouse, 2 lakes for fishing or relaxing, tennis courts, pool, walking trails, established resale in up or down real estate markets and more.........
Underground power, cable, internet, water, and more...
Lyons Landing Lots (Non Airpark)
Best Value for your hard earned money!
Pick out your lot now and take advantage of our incentive pricing!  We suggest that you contact us for an appointment but you're welcome to drive out to look at the homes already built and get a feel for the possibilities!
                                    PLAT BELOW:
Jones Mill Rd    1a Interior  1.00             50,000
West Lake Blvd  1 Interior   0.85            50,000
West Lake Blvd  2 Interior   0.81            50,000
West Lake Blvd  3 Interior   1.01            sold
West Lake Blvd  4 Interior   1.12            50,000
West Lake Blvd  5 Interior   1.07            50,000
West Lake Blvd  6 Interior   1.00            sold
West Lake Blvd  7 Interior   1.00            50,000
West Lake Blvd  8 Interior  0.87             50,000
West Lake Blvd  9 Interior  0.94             50,000
West Lake Blvd 10 Interior  0.93            50,000
West Lake Blvd 11 Interior  0.92            50,000
West Lake Blvd 12 Interior  0.96            50,000
West Lake Blvd 13 Interior  1.40            50,000
West Lake Blvd 14 Interior  1.60            sold
West Lake Blvd 15 Interior  1.54            sold
West Lake Blvd 16 Interior  1.37           50,000
West Lake Blvd 17 Interior  1.12           50,000

West Lake Blvd 35 Lake View  1.31    60,000
West Lake Blvd 36 Lake View  1.23    sold
West Lake Blvd 37 Lake View  1.58    60,000
West Lake Blvd 38 Lake View  1.23    60,000
West Lake Blvd 39 Lake View  1.12    60,000
West Lake Blvd 40 Lake View  1.18    60,000
West Lake Blvd 41 Lake View  1.25    60,000

West Lake Blvd 51 Lake View  1.41    60,000
West Lake Blvd 52 Lakefront   1.39    100,000

                LOT  NUMBER            ACRES           PRICE

Lyons Landing has a clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, lakes, walking trails and more for residences on and off the airpark.  The limited number of lots assures a good, neighborly atmosphere without too much crowding.  Take a positive step towards a solid investment and a great place for family or taking it easy!