Lyons Landing
Situated in the booming, west Atlanta Metropolitan area, Lyons Landing offers a quiet, beautiful airpark to come home to.  For the aviation professional working at ATL airport, it offers an amazingly quick commute time of less than 40 minutes using the scenic back roads.  By the way, you can live 5 miles from work in some other locations and spend more time than that during traffic peak. 
      Atlanta is a great location for a traveler, since you can jump on the interstates to any direction or fly nonstop to so many places from ATL.  If you value a quiet scenic environment with your airplane at home, this is your place. You can head to Carrollton,  Douglasville, Newnan, or Villa Rica for anything you need, while keeping your local Atlanta phone exchange and ease of access to the big city.
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24 nautical miles to ATL