Gated Entry to airpark

Large clubhouse pool, viewed  from balcony

Lighted tennis courts, ready to go

New construction

View from the Northwest.  Available airpark lots are to the left of the runway.  Most lots have convenient additional access from rear taxiways.

New construction

walking trail footbridge 

got a fishing pole?. 

Even in the dead of winter, this well made turf strip will handle twins, rain or shine, no problem.  If you're new to airpark strips, you may not know that many of them get torn up in the winter, but not here!
Back of the clubhouse, pool is just off the right side of the picture

Clubhouse upstairs

relax this close to a major city? 

The grass IS greener........
North up view. 

Home is where the plane is

The road home....

Home is where the plane is

Fall colors. 

looking Southwest