Lyons Landing has beautiful homes on both sides of the runway;  combination hangar homes, and lots of variety.  Everyone gets together for a Halloween party that centers on family involvement such as a hayride, music, food, flying, and fun.
At Lyons Landing, you'll find your neighbors are surprisingly diverse in their professions, but most of all helpful, good neighbors.  We're used to seeing neighbors helping each other around here. 

Super Chipmunk
Stinson Voyager
Cessna 180
Baby Ace
Fly baby
Cessna 185
Cessna 120
Stinson Reliant (Gullwing)
J3 Cubs
Cessna 172
Cessna 150
Comanche 250
Geronimo Twin

Many residents have families with young children from 1year old to 14yrs.  So, you don't have to drive them to a McDonald's with a play area just so your children can play with other kids! 

This is the type of community where you're very likely to be on a first name basis with most or all of your neighbors.  Whether you're raising a family or enjoying your retirement,  that's the kind of environment you want to live in. 

Do you like airplanes?  Well, we do.  How about this for a varied sampling of interesting planes?  Why not just walk down a lush grass taxiway and ask your neighbor for some help with your homebuilt?  Now you don't have to wait for Oshkosh to get questions answered. 
Some aircraft based at Lyons Landing already:
People can make the whole neighborhood feel like your home. They can make a nice area into a fantastic place to live.  The folks here are worth bragging about, and in the near future, we would like to write about some of them.